List of Best Ruby O. Fee Movies. Ruby O. Ruby O. Fee was born on February 7, 1996, in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is a fiction film & television actress who became a name of note for her work in The Invisibles (2017) and Polar (2019)

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies

  1. Polar, 2019

The world’s most famous assassin wants to live a simple life, but his former employer has other plans for him. Being forced back into the game is hard for him. But he knows that this time, it’ll be even harder to play. All his enemies are younger, faster, and ruthless killers who won’t stop until they kill him.

Polar, 2019
  1. Army of Thieves, 2021

In this prequel to “Army of the Dead”, a woman with questionable motives recruits Dieter to help him crack government safes across Europe.

Army of Thieves, 2021
  1. Verrückt nach Fixi, 2016

Tom may be a nice guy, but this quality is what contributes to why women don’t like him. It is no surprise that he has never gotten laid. On graduation day and amidst laughter, he is presented with Fixi, a lifesize sex doll. How embarrassing! But the next morning, Tom awakes next to a real woman – Fixi came to life.

Verrückt nach Fixi, 2016
  1. Die Ketzerbraut, 2017

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Die Ketzerbraut, 2017
  1. Bibi & Tina – Der Film, 2014

Bibi is a girl with special powers who visits her best friend Tina, who works at the riding stables. When she starts to flirt with Tina’s boyfriend, Bibi’s powers are used.

Bibi & Tina - Der Film, 2014
  1. As We Were Dreaming, 2015

Three guys from Germany end up starting their own club after discovering techno music in the 1990s.

As We Were Dreaming, 2015

7. Kartenhaus, 2016

Kartenhaus, 2016
  1. Secret of the Midwife, 2016

Marthe is a girl with a gift: she can cure illnesses. Unfortunately, her society is marked by superstition and godliness. When I can not help the woman from the town, she has to escape. You meet a man named Christian from Oberkalbach who moves into Eastern Bohemia, i.e. the Upper Palatinate with a group of Franks he is a settler. During the Middle Ages, a long and treacherous journey awaits Christian. As a product of a “Damned” settlement, his family is mean and won’t take him back. If he does find love for Marthe, their vast differences will stop them from being together forever.

Secret of the Midwife, 2016
  1. Zazy, 2016

Zazy and her boyfriend find out what caused a terrible accident and use that to blackmail the wealthy Marianna into giving them everything they’ve ever wanted for their lives.

Zazy, 2016
  1. Asphalt Burning, 2020

Roy agreed to a challenge to race for his wife at the Nürburgring track. His car will be unrealistically powerful, coming complete with new brake technology, but his challenger’s car will be similar.

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies
  1. Womb, 2010

When Thomas dies suddenly, Rebecca feels as though her world is falling apart. In desperation, she contemplates the idea of cloning him. Can she bring him back again and what will happen if she does?

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies
  1. The Invisibles, 2017

The main characters in this book are four Jewish teens who survived the Third Reich, mostly by not catching Nazi attention.

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies
  1. Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding, 2020

Udo Lindenberg is a German musician from Westphalia, long before he became a rockstar in 1973 with his stage breakthrough in Hamburg and 4.4 million records sold. He had many adventures, such as before his breakthrough tour in Hamburg and more than 4 million records sold, Udo had already toured around Germany for years and had many adventures during that time. Before anything happened he moved to Hamburg, where he met Paula. He might not have found his great love, but she was a pretty hottie. But he had to work hard to get there, including playing drums in jazz bands and even throwing a dangerous performance at a US military base in the middle of the Libyan desert. He never lost sight of his goal of making it all the way to the top.

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies
  1. Bibi & Tina: Bewildered and Bewitched, 2014

After a burglary at the Falkenstein Castle, Tina and Bibi investigate to see who stole a collection of paintings. They find Ole, Tarik, and others but are yet aware of their role in the theft.

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies

15. Prinz Himmelblau und Fee Lupine, 2016

Best Ruby O. Fee Movies
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