This is the list of Best Black Movies Ever Made. Movies are the most powerful form of entertainment. They allow us to escape into another world and experience different characters’ lives, whether they are protagonists or antagonists. Most people use movies as an escape from their problems, which is why so many people love them so much. But what about movies based on African-American history?

Best Black Movies Ever Made

  1. Friday, 1995
    Craig and Smokey are bored, wishing their days were more exciting. They always dream of something happening when they run into one of their neighbors. It’s then they find out what really matters in life.
Friday, 1995
  1. Boyz n the Hood, 1991
    Three childhood friends, Darrin, Ricky and Tre, struggle with the distractions and dangers of growing up in a Los Angeles ghetto
Boyz n the Hood, 1991
  1. Coming to America, 1988
    On his 21st birthday, a prince from an African country must marry a woman without ever seeing her. Determined to break tradition, he goes to America to find a wife he can love and admire.
Coming to America, 1988
  1. Love & Basketball, 2000
    Monica moves to the same residence as Quincy at the age of eleven and they grow up together. Regardless, love blossoms between the two, but their desires to be the best basketball player stands in their way.
Love & Basketball, 2000
  1. Set It Off, 1996
    4 black women suffer from a lack of funds and are taking matters into their own hands by robbing banks in an attempt to make a better life for themselves
Set It Off, 1996
  1. The Color Purple, 1985
    Celie, a young black woman, faces the horrors of rape by her own father and later has two children with him. She is then made to marry an abusive man who she struggles with constantly.
The Color Purple, 1985
  1. Malcolm X, 1992
    A tribute to the controversial activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation during the 1950’s. His steps to freedom eventually led him down a rocky road as he became a militant Black Muslim and ended up as a leader of the Nation of Islam.
Malcolm X, 1992
  1. Training Day, 2001
    Detective Alonzo, a senior narcotics officer, is tasked with training Jake Hoyt during the course of the day. Jake soon realizes that Alonzo’s methods are not always ethical and he learns to outsmart him.
Training Day, 2001
  1. Menace II Society, 1993
    Caine, a drug dealer & auto thief, can no longer stay at his grandparents’ house when he is kicked out due to the trouble in his life. He becomes closer with police when they receive a tip of gunshots from inside of a Korean grocer.
Best Black Movies Ever Made
  1. Poetic Justice, 1993
    Coming to terms with the loss of her boyfriend at the hands of a dangerous criminal, Janet (Jackson) is struggling. She can’t seem to find peace in anything she does- not in drawing, not in cooking and certainly not in hairdressing. Writing poetry is one outlet that helps her cope with the pain.
Best Black Movies Ever Made
  1. Bad Boys, 1995
    Marcus, a family man who’s also the tough guy of the pair, and Mike, an expert womanizer with his own foolish side. They’re partners on the Miami police force. Things get complicated when they assume each other’s identity to investigate a drug deal – problem is, Marcus falls for Lola (Mike’s girlfriend) and Mike falls for Marcus’ wife.
  1. Lean on Me, 1989
    In this fact-based film, Dr. Frank Napier (Robert Guillaume), the New Jersey superintendent of East Side High, watches helplessly as his school becomes the lowest-ranked school in the state.
Best Black Movies Ever Made
  1. Juice, 1992
    Four teens from Harlem decide to rob a local bodega and things go haywire when one of them gets enraged and shoots the store owner.
Best Black Movies Ever Made
  1. Ray, 2004
    After losing his brother to tragedy seven-year-old Ray becomes blind. His mother helps him rise above his impairment and become independent, while piano lessons give him a new direction in life.
Best Black Movies Ever Made
  1. The Best Man, 1999
    Harper’s first novel is leaked before the publication date. To make matters worse, it falls into the hands of an ex-lover. He is at a wedding but he is worried about what will happen if that person starts talking to Harper or his wife.
Best Black Movies Ever Made

This is the list of Best Black Movies Ever Made.

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