This is a list of Best James Cameron Movies. James Francis Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer. After working in special effects, he found major success after directing and writing the science fiction action film The Terminator. James Cameron net worth is estimated at $700 million. Titanic and Avatar movies are on top of this list.

Best James Cameron MoviesBest James Cameron Movies

Avatar, 2009
1. Avatar, 2009
On the lush alien world of Pandora live the Na’vi, beings who appear primitive but are highly evolved. Because the planet’s environment is poisonous, human/Na’vi hybrids, called Avatars, must link to human minds to allow for free movement on Pandora. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralyzed former Marine, becomes mobile again through one such as Avatar and falls in love with a Na’vi women (Zoe Saldana). As a bond with her grows, he is drawn into a battle for the survival of her world.
Titanic, 1997 2. Titanic, 1997
Seventeen-year-old Rose hails from an aristocratic family and is set to be married. When she boards the Titanic, she meets Jack Dawson, an artist, and falls in love with him.
The Terminator, 1984 3. The Terminator, 1984
A cyborg assassin is sent back in time to kill Sarah, a waitress, in a bid to stop her son who will wage a long war against his enemy in the future unless the course of history is altered. It is directed by jim cameron.
Aliens, 1986 4. Aliens, 1986
Ellen Ripley is sent back to the planet LV-426 to establish contact with a terraforming colony. She has no choice but to face the deadly Alien Queen and her offspring on this planet.
The Abyss, 1989 5. The Abyss, 1989
A civilian diving team are enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering an alien aquatic species.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991 6. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1991
A terminator is set on a mission to kill Sarah’s son, John Connor. However, a cyborg, who once was after the life of Sarah, has been assigned to protect him.
Deepsea Challenge 3D, 2014 7. Deepsea Challenge 3D, 2014
On March 26, 2012, james camerone made a record-breaking solo dive to Earth’s lowest point, successfully piloting a submarine nearly seven miles deep to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean.
Alita: Battle Angel, 2018 8. Alita: Battle Angel, 2018
Set several centuries in the future, the abandoned Alita is found in the scrapyard of Iron City by Ido, a compassionate cyber-doctor who takes the unconscious cyborg Alita to his clinic. When Alita awakens, she has no memory of who she is, nor does she have any recognition of the world she finds herself in. As Alita learns to navigate her new life and the treacherous streets of Iron City, Ido tries to shield her from her mysterious past.
True Lies, 1994 9. True Lies, 1994
A secret agent’s life takes a shocking turn when he learns about his wife’s extramarital affair. He must now not only save the world but also save his own marriage.
Terminator Genisys, 2015 10. Terminator Genisys, 2015
John sends Kyle to the year 1984 to protect his mother Sarah from being killed. When the timeline is altered, Kyle asks her to travel to the year 2017 to stop an AI system that wants to wipe mankind.
Piranha II: The Spawning, 1981 11. Piranha II: The Spawning, 1981
When a number of people are killed off the coast of a Caribbean island, Anne, a diving instructor, investigates and finds out that a shoal of mutant piranha is behind the attacks.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, 2003 12. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, 2003
A cybernetic soldier travels back in time in order to execute his mission of protecting a drifter and his wife from a robotic attack.
Ghosts of the Abyss, 2003 13. Ghosts of the Abyss, 2003
Veteran filmmaker james cam delves into the inspiration for his film “Titanic” by traveling to the mammoth cruise liner’s final resting spot. Accompanied by a team of historians and friend Bill Paxton, Cameron uses unprecedented technology to take the viewer on an unscripted tour of this famous wreckage. This look back through time allows audiences to see never-before-photographed images and understand more about what transpired on that fateful night.
Aliens of the Deep, 2005 14. Aliens of the Deep, 2005
Director james cameron movies travels with the crew of a Russian research vessel as they plunge into the depths of the ocean to explore hypothermal vents. These fissures in the Earth’s surface are known to be the home of strange and unusual sea creatures, unlike anything found anywhere else on Earth. While exploring these rarely seen environments, scientists discuss the similarities between these ecosystems and the environments that may be found on alien planets.
Strange Days, 1995 15. Strange Days, 1995
Former policeman Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) has moved into a more lucrative trade: the illegal sale of virtual reality-like recordings that allow users to experience the emotions and past experiences of others. While the bootlegs typically contain tawdry incidents, Nero is shocked when he receives one showing a murder. He enlists a friend, bodyguard Mace (Angela Bassett), to help find the killer — and the two soon stumble upon a vast conspiracy involving the police force Nero once worked for.
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