A list of Best Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies. Catherine Zeta-Jones, CBE is a Welsh actress. Born and raised in Swansea, Zeta-Jones aspired to be an actress from a young age. As a child, she played roles in the West End productions of the musicals Annie and Bugsy Malone.

Best Catherine Zeta-Jones MoviesBest Catherine Zeta-Jones Movies

The Mask of Zorro, 1998
1. The Mask of Zorro, 1998
Zorro sets out to avenge his wife’s murder and find his daughter. In his mission, he is aided by his successor, who also has his own agenda.
Chicago, 2002 2. Chicago, 2002
Nightclub sensation Velma kills her philandering husband. Chicago’s adroit lawyer Billy Flynn is set to become her defence lawyer, who also defends Roxie, who is responsible for murder.
Intolerable Cruelty, 2003 3. Intolerable Cruelty, 2003
Miles Massey, a high-profile divorce lawyer, finds himself attracted to his client’s soon-to-be ex-wife Marilyn. The situation changes when Marilyn vows revenge from Miles and her husband.
Entrapment, 1999 4. Entrapment, 1999
An insurance agent sets out to nab a master thief who steals exquisite pieces of art. In order to do, she (catherine zeta jones) masquerades as a thief herself and joins the master thief’s gang.
Ocean's Twelve, 2004 5. Ocean’s Twelve, 2004
Danny Ocean and his associates must return the money they swindled from Las Vegas casino tycoon Terry Benedict within two weeks or Terry will kill them.
Traffic, 2000 6. Traffic, 2000
The lives of four people intertwist because of the drug trade in America. Each experiences personal loss and despair in the ongoing war on drugs.
The Terminal, 2004 7. The Terminal, 2004
Viktor Navorski gets stranded at an airport when a war rages in his country. He is forced by the officials to stay at the airport until his original identity is confirmed.
No Reservations, 2007 8. No Reservations, 2007
A perfectionist chef struggles to raise her late sister’s little girl while a new high-spirited chef threatens to take over her kitchen with his free-wheeling ways.
The Legend of Zorro, 2005 9. The Legend of Zorro, 2005
Zorro finds himself torn between his promise to his wife and his duty towards the citizens of California when he decides to embark on a dangerous adventure.
Side Effects, 2013 10. Side Effects, 2013
When Emily’s problems continue to haunt her, psychiatrist Jonathan Banks prescribes her a new drug. What follows not only leads to her husband’s murder but also threatens to ruin Jonathan’s career.
The Haunting, 1999 11. The Haunting, 1999
Dr Marrow enlists Theo, Luke and Nell for a study of sleep disorders at the Hill House. As soon as the terrifying truth about the mansion is revealed, everyone is found fighting for their lives.
Rock of Ages, 2012 12. Rock of Ages, 2012
Sherrie and Drew try to realize their dreams of becoming famous musicians. With each other’s help, they manage to navigate through the glitz, glamour and challenges of the music industry.
America's Sweethearts, 2001 13. America’s Sweethearts, 2001
A shy woman, who works as the personal assistant of a female megastar, is smitten with her estranged husband when she has to help the couple deal gracefully with one last public appearance.
Broken City, 2013 14. Broken City, 2013
Billy, an angry ex-policeman, seeks revenge from the city’s most powerful figure, Mayor Hostetler, after being double-crossed and framed for the murder of a rapist.
The Rebound, 2009 15. The Rebound, 2009
Sandy has just left her cheating husband and moved to the suburbs. She soon befriends Aram whose own marriage is barely real. She hires him as a nanny and they soon start dating.
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