This is the list of Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows. April Michelle Bowlby is an American actress and model best known for playing Kandi on the CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men, Stacy Barrett on Drop Dead Diva, and Rita Farr on Titans & Doom Patrol.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. Drop Dead Diva, 2009-2014

Her sudden death thwarts Deborah’s plan to become a model, but she manages to return to the world of the living by possessing the body of an overweight lawyer.

Drop Dead Diva, 2009-2014
  1. Doom Patrol, 2019

Doom Patrol is made up of heroes, each of whom has had an accident that gave them superhuman abilities and left them scarred and disfigured. The Doom Patrol manages to do great work, though, despite their pain. We’re all thrilled to have The Chief with us and have come together as a team to investigate some of the world’s weirdest phenomena. Our heroes are on the sidelines, but Cyborg shows up to ask for help. They can’t refuse him because he might be their only hope of finding The Chief. The Doom Patrol is a team of metahumans, and they’re looking for people like you. They want to help those who can’t be helped, those who don’t want any help.

Doom Patrol, 2019
  1. Two and a Half Men, 2003-2015

Charlie Harper is a jingle writer who leads a hedonistic life. Everything changes when his good-for-nothing brother, Alan, moves in with him and his 10-year-old nephew, Jake.

Two and a Half Men, 2003-2015
  1. Father Christmas Is Back, 2021

Centered around four sisters who have reunited for the Christmas holiday in a Yorkshire mansion, misunderstandings gradually uncover the long-buried secret that tore their family apart so many years ago.

Father Christmas Is Back, 2021
  1. From Prada to Nada, 2011

Spoiled sisters Nora & Mary Dominguez live in Beverly Hills, with all the perks. But when Nora’s father dies unexpectedly, their world starts to come crashing down. Nora and Mary are now penniless and have to move in with their Aunt Aurelia (Adriana Barraza) in East LA. They initially try and fight the culture clash but realize they need to embrace their Latin heritage, which includes finding romance & learning the true meaning of family.

From Prada to Nada, 2011
  1. Love’s Last Resort, 2017

When she goes on vacation and sees her ex with another woman, she uses a handsome resort manager to get revenge.

Love's Last Resort, 2017
  1. The Engagement Clause, 2016

Carrie has been working tirelessly to grow her father’s company, but her sister decides to go off and chase her passions. When they realize that whoever marries first will inherit the family business, Carrie spends a lot of time trying to find a husband as quickly as possible. She starts with many crazy ideas, but in the end, things turn out well. She finds true love and leaves all her turmoil behind.

The Engagement Clause, 2016
  1. The Slammin’ Salmon, 2009

One restaurant owner (Michael Clarke Duncan), had members of his wait staff compete to make the most money in one night.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. Marriage of Lies, 2016

An innocent woman always obeying the rules falls under suspicion when her husband suddenly goes missing. She eventually uncovers secrets about him that raise questions about how well she knows him.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. The Wrong Daughter, 2018

A couple who longs for a child reconnects with a girl given up for adoption many years ago. However, as they start living together, suspicions arise as to whether the child had been theirs all along.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. Sands of Oblivion, 2007

An archaeologist has found disturbing insights into the movie `The Ten Commandments’ by unearthing hidden secrets.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. How I Met Your Mother, 2005-2014

Ted Mosby, an architect, tells his kids about meeting their mother. Traveling with friends such as Lily, Marshall, and Barney on the way spices things up.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. All Roads Lead Home, 2008

A young girl struggling with her mother’s death finds love with a small puppy named Atticus.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. Kath & Kim, 2002–2007

Kath and Kim are best friends who are also mother & daughter. This creates laughs, heartbreak, scandalous moments, and a bond that can’t be broken.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
  1. Gone Baby Gone, 2007

If you’re looking for quick, competent, and trustworthy private investigators, call Detectives Angie & Patrick now. With decades of experience between them, they’ll put together a plan to solve the case efficiently. They work with local law enforcement agencies worldwide to trace Amanda quickly and safely.

Best April Bowlby Movies and TV shows
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