A list of Best Dania Ramirez Movies and TV shows. Dania Jissel Ramirez is a Dominican-American television and film actress. Her credits include the roles of Maya Herrera in Heroes, Alex in Entourage, and Blanca during the last season of The Sopranos on television. Dania Ramirez net worth is estimated at $3 million dollars. Dania Ramirez heroes movies are one of her (dania ramierz) famous movies.

Best Dania Ramirez Movies and TV showsBest Dania Ramirez Movies and TV shows

Devious Maids, 2013
1. Devious Maids, 2013
Five Hispanic maids who work in the broken homes of the rich and powerful families that reside in the affluent town of Beverly Hills encounter several hilarious instances in their lives.
Premium Rush, 2012 2. Premium Rush, 2012
Wilee is a bicycle messenger who rides a single-gear bike with no brakes. His routine delivery turns into a dangerous chase when his last package of the day is pursued by corrupt police officers.
X-Men: The Last Stand, 2006 3. X-Men: The Last Stand, 2006
A government-supported laboratory finds a cure for the mutants. For this, the DNA of a powerful boy is used. The mutants then have to give up their powers and become human, but their society splits.
American Reunion, 2012 4. American Reunion, 2012
A group of friends visits their hometown after a decade. While they reminisce about their school life and await the upcoming reunion, another high school senior is on the lookout for the perfect date.
Heroes, 2006 5. Heroes, 2006
Meet women who speak against the sexual harassment that they have experienced in their lives (dania ramerez). They convey the message of breaking the silence to stop such abuse.
She Hate Me, 2004 6. She Hate Me, 2004
Fired from his corporate job, a man (Anthony Mackie) agrees to impregnate his ex-fiancee (Kerry Washington) and a slew of lesbians for money.
Illegal Tender, 2007 7. Illegal Tender, 2007
After the gangsters who killed his father come to settle a score, a Latino teenage boy and his mother turn the tables on the killers.
Fat Albert, 2004 8. Fat Albert, 2004
Animated character Fat Albert (Kenan Thompson) emerges from his TV universe into the real world, accompanied by Old Weird Harold (Aaron Frazier), Dumb Donald (Marques B. Houston) and Mushmouth (Jermaine Williams). Though the gang is flabbergasted by the modern world, they make new friends, and Albert attempts to help young Doris (Kyla Pratt) become popular. But things get complicated when Albert falls for her  older sister, Lauri (dania rameriz), and must turn to creator Bill Cosby for advice.
Quarantine, 2008 9. Quarantine, 2008
Angela, a reporter, and Scott, her (dania ramierez) cameraman, find themselves locked inside an apartment, which is quarantined by the CDC when humans turn into cannibals after they are infected by a strange virus.
The Fifth Commandment, 2008 10. The Fifth Commandment, 2008
Chance Templeton, an assassin, is ordered by his employers to kill a singer who has helped his family in the past. When he refuses to do so, he ends up becoming the target of the gangsters.
Ball Don't Lie, 2009 11. Ball Don’t Lie, 2009
A teenager (Grayson Boucher) uses basketball to overcome his emotional scars and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
25th Hour, 2002 12. 25th Hour, 2002
Monty Brogan, a drug dealer in New York, spends his last 24 hours of freedom before he goes to jail for seven years reconnecting with his father, friends and girlfriend.
Mojave, 2015 13. Mojave, 2015
A down-and-out artist (Garrett Hedlund) has a dangerous and shocking encounter with an evil drifter (Oscar Isaac) in the desert, leading to terrifying consequences when the deadly stranger follows his unsuspecting victim home.
Romy and Michele: In the Beginning, 2005 14. Romy and Michele: In the Beginning, 2005
Romy and Michelle are desperate to get out of their sluggish lives and make a trip to Hollywood, California where they can socialize with the rich and famous. Will the duo make it to Hollywood?
Cross Bronx, 2004 15. Cross Bronx, 2004
Four friends decide to share an apartment in the Bronx during their senior year in high school. While Ike Green (Max Greenfield) courts a local dancer (daniaramirez), and Rob-O (James Badge Dale) falls into bed with a neighbor (Elizabeth Keener), Schiek (Nashawn Kearse) strives for baseball stardom and Vivo (Jerry Ferrara) takes a job with a shady relative. As their professional and personal aspirations take them in different directions, the pals learn some tough adult lessons.
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