This article will be discussing the best Social Media Movies. Social media is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of people all over the world. It has come to replace television as a source of information and entertainment. However, because of its popularity, it can be challenging to manage social media usage.

Best Social Media Movies

  1. The Social Network, 2010
    Mark Zuckerberg creates a social networking site, Facebook, with his friend Eduardo’s help. Though it turns out to be a successful venture, he severs ties with several people that helped him along the way.
The Social Network, 2010
  1. Unfriended, 2015
    Six friends got a disturbing message from one that died while video chatting. They think it’s a prank, but soon they’re exposed to some unpleasant events
Unfriended, 2015
  1. The Circle, 2017
    Mae is thrilled to be employed by the world’s biggest tech company. But after she gets involved in an experiment with some potential consequences, she can see why some people might be hesitant to sign up.
The Circle, 2017
  1. Ingrid Goes West, 2017
    Taylor has always been fascinated with the seemingly-perfect life of a social media influencer. Absolutely infatuated, she decides to move to LA and finds out more about her.
Ingrid Goes West, 2017
  1. Share, 2019
    When a teenage girl blacked out after a night she doesn’t even remember, she only knew that there was something important on her phone. She tried everything possible to find out what really happened that night.
Share, 2019
  1. Mainstream, 2021
    Last year, a 19-year-old woman from London had been living on the street, struggling to piece together any sort of life for herself. She found her way online and started making videos with an amiable stranger – who turned out to be a social media star.
Mainstream, 2021
  1. He’s All That, 2021
    An influencer with makeover skills bets she can transform an unpopular classmate into a prom king.
He's All That, 2021
  1. Silk Road, 2021
    After a brilliant start, Ross Ulbricht had his lofty ideals shattered by the realities of the criminal underworld. He went back to school and studied addiction treatment, but never could shake his hacker heart. When the website became a multimillion dollar pipeline for illicit drugs, Ulbricht drew the attention of an DEA agent who takes any means necessary to take him down.
Silk Road, 2021
  1. Shook, 2021
    A famous social media star becomes the target of a terrorist group. You have to solve puzzles in order to save lives.
Shook, 2021
  1. Disconnect, 2012
    Social media and the internet is a place where you’ll find all kinds of people. For example: a student was bullied on social media and a woman sought comfort via an online forum, while at the same time someone’s child may be working for an online webcam service.
Disconnect, 2012
  1. Me and You and Everyone We Know, 2005
    After many years, widower Richard (John Hawkes) meets Christine (Miranda July), an artist who moonlights as a cabbie. After some awkward fumbling, they start to go on dates. But Richard is damaged by his last marriage which leaves him struggling to open up again.
Best Social Media Movies
  1. Nerve, 2016
    Industrious high school senior Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is tired of living life on the sidelines. When her friends pressure her to join Nerve, a popular online game, she decides to take the dare. The adrenaline-fueled competition means that she needs to perform increasingly dangerous stunts.
Best Social Media Movies
  1. Eighth Grade, 2018
    15-year-old Kayla Day enjoys being in the safety of her room, posting videos for YouTube about self-esteem. Later, she realizes she is not the person she is pretending to be. She then takes on her fears, making friends with kids in her school that are similar to herself.
Best Social Media Movies
  1. Dear Evan Hansen, 2021
    Evan Hansen is a high school student who feels lonely and anxious in the face of cruelty. Social media is often chaotic and isolating, but there are moments where people can find understanding & belonging. He quickly took off on a self-discovery experience when the letter he wrote as an assignment for a creative writing class got into the hands of a grieving couple that just lost their son.
Best Social Media Movies
  1. Unfriended: Dark Web, 2018
    When a teen finds a laptop with hidden files on it, he and his friend soon discover that the previous owner of the laptop has had them under surveillance and is watching over them.
Best Social Media Movies

This article will be discussing the best Social Media Movies.

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