List of Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows. Amy Lysle Smart is an American actress, first becoming a fashion model in Italy. Upon returning home, she began her acting career and enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Her first role was in Martin Kunert’s horror film Campfire Tales, where she had a minor part. Later on, she got to work with Paul Verhoeven for Starship Troopers.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows

  1. Crank, 2006

Chev, an assassin-for-hire, is injected with a serum that requires him to maintain high levels of adrenaline to maintain his health.

Crank, 2006
  1. Crank: High Voltage, 2009

A Chinese surgeon transplanted Chev’s heart to Johnny. He learned that his original heart was still in his body, but instead of replacing it, he looked for the actual person. Unfortunately, his artificial heart battery ran out on him before he found Johnny, luckily his old heart still works.

Crank: High Voltage, 2009
  1. Just Friends, 2005

Chris had always struggled with his weight, but after a transformation of both mind and body, he became successful in life. Then, one day when he was at the grocery store, he came across his high school crush and former best friend, Jamie.

 Just Friends, 2005
  1. Road Trip, 2000

When Josh accidentally sends a controversial video of himself to his girlfriend, he asks three friends to come with him as he travels across the city to find her.

Road Trip, 2000
  1. The Butterfly Effect, 2004

Evan experiences throbbing headaches that sometimes cause him to pass out. He travels back when his head starts hurting and changes the past. But this has adverse effects on his present life.

The Butterfly Effect, 2004
  1. 12 Dates of Christmas, 2011

Kate, a young woman who wakes up on Christmas Eve going through a terrible blind date. At first, she relives the date over and over again with no way to break away from it. However, when she starts getting a clue of what is happening, Kate hopes that there is a way to escape from her nightmare

12 Dates of Christmas, 2011
  1. Rat Race, 2001

Donald Sinclair, a casino magnate, placed six gold coins. Then, six contestants are locked inside a locker race against one another and find the coin. If they find all six of them within an hour, each person can walk away with 2 million dollars.

Rat Race, 2001
  1. Varsity Blues, 1999

When a college football team’s star quarterback suffers an injury, the second-string quarterback with an irreverent approach to the game must step up to take their place.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Stargirl, 2020

Leo is an average student at school. He also plays the trumpet in the marching band. But his life changes when Stargirl enters. She’s confident, charming, and energetic; she shakes up his world by turning it upside-down.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Mirrors, 2008

Ben protects a partly destroyed property during the nights but starts to see strange images in its impeccable mirrors. Then, after his sister is killed, he becomes convinced that evil forces are out to get him.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Starsky & Hutch, 2004

In the 1970s, a team of detectives named Starsky and Hutch took on a notorious drug lord in Bay City. They were aided by Huggy Bear, an informant from their police precinct.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Shameless, 2011-2021

Frank Gallagher is a working-class man from Chicago and the head of his household. His six children have a hard time because of the heavy drinking, which is why Fiona, his oldest daughter, needs to take care of everyone.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Starship Troopers, 1997

Johnny Rico completes his graduation & joins the Mobile Infantry to serve the nation. But, not long after, he’s fighting against aliens who are trying to destroy life on Earth.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. 13 Minutes, 2021

Be prepared for a large incoming tornado that threatens to ravage the small town. Residents only have 13 minutes before the tornado starts to destroy their homes and cause panic. In the wake of total devastation, four families must overcome their differences and find strength in one another to survive.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
  1. Interstate 60, 2002

A young artist traveling on the mysterious highway 60, Neal Oliver meets a half-leprechaun who grants him one wish. The fool, however, has a wickedly funny way of fulfilling them literally.

Best Amy Smart Movies and TV shows
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