This is the list of Best Katherine Heigl Movies. Katherine is a US actress, producer, and former model. She started her career as a child model before turning her attention to acting. Her film debut was in “That Night” and she went on to appear in movies like “My Father, the Hero,” and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

Best Katherine Heigl Movies

  1. 27 Dresses, 2008
    Perennial bridesmaid Jane always puts the needs of others before her own, so she’s always there for people in need.
27 Dresses, 2008
  1. The Ugly Truth, 2009
    Abby, a TV producer who misses her ex-boyfriend, agrees to a deal with her colleague Mike that she’ll consider going on a date with him if he proves to her that his relationship theories work. However, as Abby begins putting those theories into practice, she starts second guessing herself and the wisdom of agreeing with Mike’s suggestion.
The Ugly Truth, 2009
  1. Life as We Know It, 2010
    Introduced by their common friend, Eric and Holly go on a date but don’t click. Later they were confronted with a new life choice of looking after the orphaned baby of their friends.
Life as We Know It, 2010
  1. Knocked Up, 2007
    Alison, a TV host, & Ben, unemployed man are having a one night stand. She soon finds out she is pregnant with his child challenging their priorities. They have to decide how they are going to proceed moving forward
Knocked Up, 2007
  1. Love Comes Softly, 2003
    A woman moves to the frontier with her husband but when he passes away the next winter, the widower who has a son in need of a mother agrees to take in her and their new family is formed.
Love Comes Softly, 2003
  1. The Big Wedding, 2013
    A divorced couple must pretend to be married when the birth mother of their adopted son requests them to. She’s a conservative citizen and so she does not want her son to be raised in an environment that would prevent him from making conservative choices.
The Big Wedding, 2013
  1. Killers, 2010
    Undercover assassin Spencer Aimes has found his soulmate in Jen Kornfeldt, a fun-loving computer tech. But three years into wedded bliss, they are being stalked by hired killers.
Killers, 2010
  1. Love’s Enduring Promise, 2004
    Missie, a farmer’s daughter, falls in love with a man who saves her father’s life. Trouble arises when she falls for an experienced suitor and learns that Nate has a criminal past.
Love's Enduring Promise, 2004
  1. The Ringer, 2005
    A comedy about a man who poses as mentally disabled in order to fraudulently enter the Special Olympics.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, 1995
    Casey Ryback, a retired Navy officer, boards a train as he sets out on a vacation with his niece. He realises that the train the terrorist organization uses to hijack a destructive US satellite.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. Valentine, 2001
    Four friends get started receiving cards that are disturbing and mention something about 13 years ago. They realise the person who is stalking them was spurned by them 13 years past. All of these occurrences happen one week before Valentine’s Day.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. One for the Money, 2012
    After I lost my job, I was desperate to find a way to make money and pay my debts. I was offered a job to capture an old lover who is wanted for murder.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. New Year’s Eve, 2011
    On New Year’s Eve, people from diverse backgrounds find themselves intertwined as they embark on a quest to find happiness.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. Descendant, 2003
    Strange murders occurred directly after the young writer, Jeremy London, related to Edgar Allan Poe falls for a woman, Katherine Heigl.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies
  1. 100 Girls, 2000
    A college student ( Jonathan Tucker) tries to find a woman he met during the recent blackout to see what she looks like.
Best Katherine Heigl Movies

This is the list of Best Katherine Heigl Movies.

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