Black Panther Movie Review, There are around 20 Marvel movies at this point, so you can easily find lots of great superhero stories translated to film. But the interesting thing in all of this is that despite the potential fatigue that should appear after these movies, each new entry brings in something fresh. And Black Panther is no different.

Black Panther Movie ReviewBlack Panther Movie Review

While we did meet T’Challa in the Captain America: Civil War movie, the story in Black Panther is self-contained. But you do have a direct reminiscence of that movie. Now that his father is dead, T’Challa is the leader of Wakanda and he needs to keep everyone safe.

The cast in this movie is very good at their job. Yes, Michael B Jordan, in particular, is very good as Killmonger, and he really manages to be one of the best Marvel villains up to date. You get to care about his character, which is very rare in the case of a villain. You will also like the fact that they don’t take anything for granted here.

Black Panther Movie Review

For example, the beginning seems like an action movie with a James Bond theme. And then you get to Wakanda, where most of the entire movie takes place. But we also have connectivity with the other movies at least when it comes to names, not to mention you will also encounter some surprise cameos in here as well.

The action scenes are very good in Black Panther. They always surprise you how good the CGI gets to be in all these movies, and Black Panther is no different. While it doesn’t have as much CGI as something like the Avengers, for example, it still is a very good movie and it does stand out quite a lot because of that. The great attention to detail offered here is astonishing, with Black Panther receiving a lot of character development too.Black Panther Movie Review

But it’s the supporting cast such as T’Challa’s sister that does stand out as well. All the characters are very well cast, and you do get the sense that you are in an African country based on the accents, looks and also their legacy. The world building is great and they did a very good job at bringing in front a whole lot of unique features.

The CGI is very good and the final fight is among some of the best out there. You see the tension, excitement, and challenge that comes with such a fight. And the interesting thing is that it’s a personal fight, so the stakes are very high and that’s very well worth it!Black Panther Movie Review

As a whole, Black Panther is a good movie. Marvel fans will love it, and even if you’re not familiar with the character you can still have a very good time. That’s why you should totally try this out and see if it’s worth your time or not. It really is an amazing experience, and no matter what type of movies you like, you will still find something good for you here!

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