Breaking In Movie review is the type of movie that’s not for everyone. In this movie, a woman is fighting to protect her family during a home invasion. You get to see the resilience of a woman that really wants to protect everyone in her family and how far would a woman go to achieve such a goal as fast as possible.

Breaking In Movie ReviewBreaking In Movie Review

But unfortunately, this is not a good movie. If anything, you will notice that they don’t really care that much about giving backstories to the characters. Nor do the characters have a lot of personalities. Aside from Shaun, the main character, most of the other characters there are quite simple and not that fleshes out.

That alone makes Breaking In one of the coolest and most interesting movies out there. In the end, it’s a very fun and unique experience for you to enjoy in this regard. The interesting thing in the movie is that the attackers come for her father’s assets, and they want to do everything in their power to eliminate his debt.

But Shaun is caught in the crossfire, so all that she can do is to focus on making the experience a pleasant one for everyone. Which is not that simple when someone attacks your entire family. The action scenes in this movie are fun to go through, but not entirely memorable.

Breaking In Movie Review

And you can say that about the entire movie. It’s good, fun and it does get better and better as you go along. People would see the Breaking In because they want to see the story of a powerful mother. And it’s quite an interesting, unique movie for you to check out due to the premise and the numerous ideas inserted in here.

It’s not a simple movie, but it definitely brings in front some cool and unique moments for you to check out. In the end, this is a very exciting movie and one that does get better and better all the time. Let’s face it, the results are second to none and all you have to do is to make the experience a lot more rewarding and interesting as you go along.Breaking In Movie Review

What you will like about Breaking In is that it always makes things more distinct and fun as you explore the options. The movie is indeed very fun for people that want to see another side of a woman that always tries to protect her family.

The Breaking In the movie is not the best you will see this year. It doesn’t have memorable characters and while the story is decent, it’s also quite forgettable. But if you are a fan of good movies, you will find this to be a pretty interesting option. Unfortunately, it does fall flat for the most part, and that’s a shame because the movie is quite good at times. But as a complete package is not the ultimate movie to see, and it does come with a lukewarm feel that you may not like!

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