Here is the list of Best Shailene Woodley Movies. Shailene Diann Woodley is an American actress and activist. Born in San Bernardino County, California and raised in the Simi Valley, she took acting classes with Anthony Meindl and made her screen debut, Shailene Woodley and Theo James acted together on Divergent movie series. shailene Woodley net worth is estimated at $9 million. shailene Woodley age/born on 15 November 1991.

Best Shailene Woodley Movies

Divergent, 2014
1. Divergent, 2014
Tris, an adult resident of a futuristic world divided into five factions, elects to join the Dauntless faction. But she actually belongs to another faction, which she must hide, as a major war looms. theo james and shailene woodley acted on this movie.
The Fault in Our Stars, 2014 2. The Fault in Our Stars, 2014
Teenager Hazel Grace’s life changes when she meets Augustus Waters at a cancer support group. The two then embark on a life-changing journey which brings them even closer.
The Descendants, 2011 3. The Descendants, 2011
A father and his two daughters come together to deal head on with calamities. While Matt’s wife lies comatose in a hospital, he and his girls try to find the man she was seeing before the accident.
The Spectacular Now, 2013 4. The Spectacular Now, 2013
An innocent, bookish teenager (shane woodley) begins dating the charming, freewheeling high-school senior (Miles Teller) who awoke on her lawn after a night of heavy partying.
Insurgent, 2015 5. Insurgent, 2015
Tris Prior is a divergent who does not belong to any one faction dictated by the government. She must unite with other divergents and unravel a conspiracy that threatens their lives.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant, 2016 6. The Divergent Series: Allegiant, 2016
Tris (shailane woodley) escapes with Four (Theo James) to journey beyond the wall that encloses Chicago. For the first time, they leave the only city and family they have ever known to find a peaceful solution. Once outside, they learn shocking new truths that render old discoveries meaningless. As the ruthless battle threatens humanity, Tris and Four quickly decide who to trust to survive. Tris must ultimately make difficult choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.
White Bird in a Blizzard, 2014 7. White Bird in a Blizzard, 2014
A teenager (sheilene woodley) relishes her newfound freedom after her disturbed mother (Eva Green) vanishes, but the strange facts of the disappearance soon begin to haunt her.
Snowden, 2016 8. Snowden, 2016
Disillusioned with the intelligence community, top contractor Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) leaves his job at the National Security Agency. He now knows that a virtual mountain of data is being assembled to track all forms of digital communication — not just from foreign governments and terrorist groups, but from ordinary Americans. When Snowden decides to leak this classified information, he becomes a traitor to some, a hero to others and a fugitive from the law.
Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, 2005 9. Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, 2005
Young, assertive Felicity Merriman (shailene woodle) lives with her mother (Marcia Gay Harden) and father (John Schneider) in colonial Virginia, where the movement toward breaking away from British rule is growing. Felicity is looking for her own kind of freedom and discovers it in the form a beautiful horse that she (shaleen woodley) rescues from its cruel owner. As the American Revolution begins, Felicity finds comfort in her equine friend, but still has to contend with tumultuous changes in her life.
A Place Called Home, 2004 10. A Place Called Home, 2004
An aging widow (Ann-Margret) forms an unlikely bond with a drifter (Matthew Settle) and his daughter after they become her boarders.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 2014 11. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 2014
Peter Parker fights crime as Spider-Man in Manhattan. Oscorp, owned by his childhood friend, Harry Osborn, unleashes a slew of genetically modified villains against him.
Replacing Dad, 1999 12. Replacing Dad, 1999
Linda Marsh (Mary McDonnell) and her husband, George (William Russ), a school principal, have been married for 16 years. One day, Linda is shocked to discover that George has been having an affair with their daughter’s young teacher. The scandal causes a major stir in their small town, leaving Linda feeling betrayed and embarrassed. With the help of her children, Linda attempts to move on with her life and find a new man to serve as a husband and father.
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, 2016 13. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, 2016
Investigative reporter Greg Palast uncovers a scheme to steal votes in the 2016 election.
Best Shailene Woodley Movies 14. The Divergent Series: Ascendant
The next installment in the franchise.
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