This is the list of Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch. Binge-watching is the act of watching several episodes of a TV show in one sitting. Netflix has made binge-watching possible for millions of people, with its on-demand service that releases entire seasons at a time.

Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch

  1. Game of Thrones, 2011
    The ruthless Game of Thrones takes place centuries ago in the mythical land of Westeros. At this time, nine noble families fight to take control of the throne. The threat is real however, as an ancient force is awakening after millennia and threatens to destroy all living men.
Game of Thrones, 2011
  1. Breaking Bad, 2008
    Walter White, a chemistry teacher, meets Jesse and realizes that his perspectives on life start to change. Walter’s priorities begin to change as he enters the drug world and starts building his empire
Breaking Bad, 2008
  1. Stranger Things, 2016
    “As they search for answers, the children unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries”
 Stranger Things, 2016
  1. Friends, 1994
    People in NYC enjoy coming to life with their friends, accomplices and individuals. They like influences which make their lives both troublesome and happening.
Friends, 1994
  1. The Office, 2005
    US adaptation, set in Scranton, PA, that has a similar documentary style to the original British series. It features the staff of Dunder-Mifflin (Dunder-Mifflin), including characters such as those from the British original.
The Office, 2005
  1. Dexter, 2006
    Dexter Morgan is a complicated man. He goes to work every day where he uses his criminal smarts for good, and in his spare time, kills people that society can’t condone.
Dexter, 2006
  1. Sherlock, 2010
    Dr Watson, a former army doctor, moves in with Sherlock Holmes. Together, they share a flat and take on the most unusual cases. With his knack for solving crimes and Dr Watson’s medical knowledge they work well together.
Sherlock, 2010
  1. House, 2004
    Dr. House, a brilliant and introverted physician who doesn’t follow hospital protocol, clashes with his fellow doctors and assistants as he comes up with provocative hypotheses about his patients’ illnesses.
House, 2004
  1. The Big Bang Theory, 2007
    Four awkward guys, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj, get their worlds turned upside down when they meet attractive & care-free Penny.
The Big Bang Theory, 2007
  1. Supernatural, 2005
    Dean and Sam Winchester, sons of John Winchester, go on a road trip to find and kill monsters that their father, a hunter of the same sort, had set out to kill years before.
Supernatural, 2005
  1. Sons of Anarchy, 2008
    With a new baby and a motorcycle gang to take care of, Jax Teller is at the crossroads of his life. In spite of everything he has going on, he has managed to find that balance.
Sons of Anarchy, 2008
  1. The Sopranos, 1999
    Tony Soprano, an Italian-American mafia head based in New Jersey, struggles to manage his family and criminal life and confides his affairs to his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi.
The Sopranos, 1999
  1. Parks and Recreation, 2009
    Leslie Knope, a mid-level government employee, wanted to help out her local nurse, Ann. She tried to convert a disused construction site into a community park but faced bureaucracy and self-centered neighbours
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. How I Met Your Mother, 2005
    Ted Mosby, an architect, tells his kids about events that led him to meet their mother. His journey is made more eventful by the presence of his friends Lily, Marshall, Robin and Barney.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. Shameless, 2011
    Frank Gallagher is the head of a working-class family in Chicago and struggles to look after them because he is a heavy drink, leaving his daughter Fiona to look after everyone else.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. American Horror Story, 2011
    American Horror Story is a TV series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It follows an anthology format, with new seasons every year, each one with a different story.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. Prison Break, 2005
    An engineer is falsely accused of a murder he helped design. He had been jailed for breaking back into the prison to save his brother from being falsely convicted, but now they’re going to execute him anyway!
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. The Wire, 2002
    McNulty and his team investigate cases and try to bridge the gap between drug kingpins and law enforcement agencies.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. Better Call Saul, 2015
    Jimmy McGill, once a con artist, becomes an attorney for the law and goes through different trials and tribulations as he transforms into his alter ego; Saul Goodman who is a morally challenged criminal lawyer.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch
  1. The 100, 2014
    A nuclear war has wiped out civilization and a hundred years later, the last survivors use 100 delinquent teenagers as guinea pigs to see if Earth is safe and inhabitable.
Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch

This is the list of Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch.

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