This is the list of Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows. Jacqueline Ruth Weaver AO is a well-known Australian actress, who received international recognition for her supporting roles in the animal kingdom and silver linings playbook. She was honored with 2 Academy Award nominations and won the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows

  1. Poms, 2019

Martha is an introverted woman who moves to a retirement community where she hoped to find peace. Instead, she meets Sheryl, a very social neighbor who quickly becomes best friends with her. This quickly forces Martha out of her comfort zone, but she ends up loving it.

Poms, 2019
  1. Animal Kingdom, 2010

After his mother’s death, a teen Joshua moves in with his uncles and grandmother. His life takes a turn for the worse when he learns that his new family is part of an organized crime ring.

Animal Kingdom, 2010
  1. Stage Mother, 2020

After the tragic death of her son, a church choir director inherits his San Francisco drag club and vows to make it a success.

Stage Mother, 2020
  1. Silver Linings Playbook, 2012

Pat, who is sent to a mental health center after brutally attacking his wife’s lover, walks out of the center after eight months and meets his new friend, Tiffany in a bid to mend ways with his wife.

Silver Linings Playbook, 2012
  1. Penguin Bloom, 2020

Samantha Bloom falls off her roof during an accident and is paralyzed from the chest down. A year later, her children bring home an injured magpie they have found at home. She cautiously approaches the bird and begins to get acquainted with it.

Penguin Bloom, 2020
  1. Never Too Late, 2020

A group of elderly people decides to make a break for it and escape their retirement homes, but face an unexpected series of hurdles.

Never Too Late, 2020
  1. Secret City, 2016–2019

Beneath Canberra’s perfect exterior, there is an inner-city dealing culture and political thievery. Journalist Harriet Dunkley thinks she’s seen it all before, but then she discovers a conspiracy that could change everything. The subterfuges she finds as a journalist threaten her career as well as the freedom of all Australians. In Chris Uhlmann’s and Steve Lewis’s book, The Drama Series is Storyful Based

Secret City, 2016–2019
  1. The Voices, 2014

Jerry, a young man working at the Milton Bathtub Factory, pursues his crush with the help of his talking dog and cat. However, things change when he stands her up on a date.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Goldstone, 2016

This week the Midas Detective Agency sent Jay Swan to Goldstone to find a missing person. His simple duty became complicated when he discovered that crime and corruption were rampant in this small town.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Bloom, 2019

A mysterious new plant with the ability to restore youth has been found a year after a devastating flood, which left five locals in an idyllic country town dead.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Widows, 2018

This daring duo consisting of the widows of killed gangsters work together on an elaborate plan that their partners were planning before they died.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Bird Box, 2018

When a mysterious force decimates the population, one thing is certain — if you see it, you die. Survivors must now avoid seeing an entity take the form of either their worst fears or their best hopes. Hope & a new beginning, a woman and her children embark on a dangerous journey through the woods & down a river to find the one place that may offer sanctuary. To get there, they’ll have to cover their eyes from the evil that chases them.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Haunt, 2013

Evan has just moved to a new house with his family. However, he soon starts developing feelings for the girl next door which leads him to explore the abandoned property.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. The Grudge, 2020

Muldoon, a single mother detective, is called upon to investigate a murder case in a suburban neighborhood. Shortly after being there, she realizes that the house from where the incident occurred was cursed by an evil force.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Picnic at Hanging Rock, 1975

Appleyard College is holding a summer picnic at the Hanging Rock Park in Victoria. Due to unforeseen circumstances, some students and teachers go missing during this event.

Best Jacki Weaver Movies and Tv Shows
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