A list of Best Amber Heard Movies. Amber Laura Heard is an American actress. She made her film debut in 2004 in the sports drama Friday Night Lights. 

Best Amber Heard MoviesBest Amber Heard Movies

The Rum Diary, 2011
1. The Rum Diary, 2011
Paul Kemp, an alcoholic journalist, begins working for a newspaper in Puerto Rico. He is drawn to the charms of Chenault, the fiancee of a businessman who wants Kemp’s assistance.
Drive Angry, 2011 2. Drive Angry, 2011
John Milton escapes from hell to find his daughter’s killers and rescue his granddaughter from the clutches of a satanic cult that wants to sacrifice her to the devil on the full moon night.
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, 2006 3. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, 2006
Mandy Lane, an orphan, is a typically ‘good girl’. She (amber herd) makes a bunch of new friends and gets invited to a weekend party at a secluded ranch. As the night begins, so does a bloody trail of murders.
3 Days to Kill, 2014 4. 3 Days to Kill, 2014
After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, spy Ethan Renner decides to give up his career. However, before that, he is tasked to nab a terrorist while looking after his teenage daughter.
Never Back Down, 2008 5. Never Back Down, 2008
The new high school proves to be more trouble than he reckoned when Jake’s friends and family face a threat. He seeks the mentoring of a mixed martial arts veteran to train him for a final fight.
Zombieland, 2009 6. Zombieland, 2009
A student in search of his parents, a man in search of his last Twinkie and two sisters join forces to survive the zombie infestation while traveling across America.
The Joneses, 2009 7. The Joneses, 2009
Kate, Steve, and their kids move to an upper-class neighborhood and soon become the talk of the town for their trendy lifestyle. But the neighbors are unaware of the truth of this perfect family.
Pineapple Express, 2008 8. Pineapple Express, 2008
Dale, a pot-smoking process server, and his drug dealer Saul must run for their lives after Dale drops his stash at the spot where they witness a corrupt cop and a drug lord murder an Asian man.
The Danish Girl, 2015 9. The Danish Girl, 2015
Artist Gerda Wegener asks her husband Einar to pose as a female model for a painting. Things take an unexpected turn when this act triggers Einar to reignite his suppressed identification.
The Ward, 2010 10. The Ward, 2010
Kristen, a beautiful but troubled young woman, is trapped in a mental hospital with malevolent unseen forces. As danger creeps closer, she (am er heard) uncovers a horrifying secret.
Friday Night Lights, 2004 11. Friday Night Lights, 2004
Gary Gaines, the coach of Permian High School Panthers football team, faces many obstacles as he struggles to lead the team towards victory.
North Country, 2005 12. North Country, 2005
A fictionalized account of one of America’s most groundbreaking sexual harassment lawsuit. The movie revolves around Josey Aimes who flees her (amber heatd) abusive husband and tries to support her (amber he), two children.
The Stepfather, 2009 13. The Stepfather, 2009
Michael returns home from military school and finds his mother happily in love and living with her (amner heard) new boyfriend. As the two men get to know each other, he begins to get more suspicious of David.
Justice League, 2017 14. Justice League, 2017
Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists newfound ally Diana Prince to face an even greater threat. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to recruit a team to stand against this newly awakened enemy. Despite the formation of an unprecedented league of heroes — Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash — it may be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
Machete Kills, 2013 15. Machete Kills, 2013
Machete is recruited by the government of the United States of America to take down an arms dealer in Mexico who is out to instigate a global war.
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