This is the list of Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows. Kelly Reilly is a British actress, who was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for her latest role in After Miss Julie at the Donmar Warehouse. Her previous film and TV credits include Eden Lake, Sherlock Holmes, and Yellowstone.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows

  1. Yellowstone, 2018

Kevin Costner, Emmy and Oscar winner, is the lead actor in this series. The show focuses on a family of ranchers who operate a sixth-generation homestead. John Dutton is an emotionally reserved man that takes care of his family.

Yellowstone, 2018
  1. Flight, 2012

Whip Whitaker, an airline pilot, saves a flight from crashing. However, he had flown the plane under the influence of alcohol and cocaine

 Flight, 2012
  1. Eden Lake, 2008

Jenny & Steve planned to spend a calm, peaceful weekend at the lake. But when they get there, it turns out that a group of misbehaving teenagers is having fun ruining the peace for everyone around them with their continuous pranks. They let negative energy take over their entire mood, preventing them from enjoying their stay

Eden Lake, 2008
  1. Britannia, 2018

The Roman Imperial Army marched into Ireland to try to take over in A.D. 43, but they were met with equally determined and terrified Celtic warriors who could channel the powers of the underworld

Britannia, 2018
  1. Sherlock Holmes, 2009

Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. Watson sent Blackwood to the gallows. However, they were surprised to hear that he had come back from the dead. They had to help catch him again.

Sherlock Holmes, 2009
  1. Heaven Is for Real, 2014

A young boy has survived an accident and has claimed to have visited heaven. Now his parents are left with the task of deciphering what his experience really meant.

Heaven Is for Real, 2014
  1. Pride & Prejudice, 2005

Mrs Bennet is very excited to have a rich bachelor living in the area. She often asks her daughters about what they would do if they married him.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. 10×10, 2018

Lewis, who is a widower, kidnaps Cathy, the owner of a flower shop who is determined to extract an important secret she has kept well-hidden.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Eli, 2019

A boy is under a doctor’s care for a rare disease. The doctor then takes him on a vacation to acold an abandoned house that had been abandoned by its owners because of the sound of screaming and commotion that had come from it. The boy, while there, encounters some strange things and has no way of getting out until some people find him and help get him

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Pot Luck, 2002

Xavier (Romain Duris) is a French university student who moves to Barcelona, Spain in order to learn Spanish and secure a desirable job. He resides with other young Europeans of varied nationalities in an environment where life-altering experiences are the norm. After a visit from his girlfriend, Xavier starts to realize that they may not be the right match. After some time, he falls for Anne-Sophie, who just happens to be married.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Bastille Day, 2016

When thief Michael Mason is mistaken for a terrorist responsible for a bombing in Paris, CIA agent Sean Briar must find out the truth and bring the true perpetrators to justice

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Above Suspicion, 2009–2012

Anna Travis, a fresh-faced detective, joins DCI Langton’s experienced team to investigate the murders of girls in her hometown.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. True Detective, 2014–2019

Detective work is always challenging and looking into investigations into murder cases can be especially daunting. It’s normal for police officers to face dark secrets, even if they’re only temporary.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Sherlock Holmes 3, 2021

The further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
  1. Russian Dolls, 2005

Struggling writer Xavier lives in Paris and juggles work while juggling relationships. The events culminate at a friend’s future wedding in Moscow.

Best Kelly Reilly Movies and Tv Shows
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