This is the list of Best Michelle Dockery Movies and TV shows. who is Michelle Dockery? Michelle Suzanne Dockery is an English actress and singer. She is most widely known for her leading performance as Lady Mary Crawley in the ITV and PBS television period drama series Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey.

Michelle Dockery Movies and TV shows

Michelle Dockery

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Downton Abbey, 2010
1. Downton Abbey, 2010
Robert Crawley risks losing the family estate after his heirs die during the sinking of the Titanic. Soon, the Crawleys are introduced to Matthew, the next in line who resists the ways of aristocrats.
Good Behavior, 2016 2. Good Behavior, 2016
Godless, 2017 3. Godless, 2017
The Sense of an Ending, 2017 4. The Sense of an Ending, 2017
A business owner (Jim Broadbent) reunites with his first love (Charlotte Rampling) after a letter and a diary force him to confront the past.
Non-Stop, 2014 5. Non-Stop, 2014
A US air marshal receives threatening messages demanding that his airline transfer 150 million dollars to an offshore account, in the absence of which the passengers of his flight will be killed.
Selfless, 2015 6. Selfless, 2015
A group of scientists transfer the mind of a terminally ill patient to a healthy man’s body, but the result is not quite what they expected.
Hogfather, 2006 7. Hogfather, 2006
A motley group of wizards and others must find the Hogfather, a beloved man who delivers presents to children.
Anna Karenina, 2012 8. Anna Karenina, 2012
Aristocrat Anna Karenina, who is married and has a son, meets Count Vronsky while visiting her brother. Their mutual attraction leads her to grief and tragedy.
Hanna, 2011 9. Hanna, 2011
Hanna Heller, a 16-year-old raised to be the perfect assassin, is sent on a mission, which takes her across Europe. She (michlle dockery) is shadowed by an intelligence agent and her (michelle dockerey) team.
The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, 2009 10. The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, 2009
Polish social worker Irena Sendler (Anna Paquin) saves thousands of Jewish children during World War II.
The Turn of the Screw, 2009 11. The Turn of the Screw, 2009
Ghostly events plague a governess (michelle dickery) and two young children (Eva Sayer, Josef Lindsay).
Poppy Shakespeare, 2008 12. Poppy Shakespeare, 2008
A longtime mental patient meets a glamorous new patient.
Red Riding: 1974, 2009 13. Red Riding: 1974, 2009
When a young girl goes missing, Yorkshire Post crime reporter Eddie Dunford (Andrew Garfield) becomes intrigued by a series of mysterious child murders that date back several years and mirror to the current case. He faces stiff opposition from the local police and his editor, Bill (John Henshaw). Eddie’s troubles escalate when he becomes involved with a moody widow (Rebecca Hall) who has a mysterious connection to wealthy developer John Dawson (Sean Bean).
Red Riding: 1983, 2009 14. Red Riding: 1983, 2009
Ten years after the body of a mutilated girl was found in Yorkshire, another young girl is missing. Lawyer John Piggott (Mark Addy) is asked to re-examine the conviction of a disabled man who confessed to the earlier murders and now claims he dis so under intense police pressure. As Piggott looks into whether the Yorkshire police tortured their suspect, Detective Jobson (David Morrissey) starts to regret his brutal past and reveals a secret that casts the entire case in a new light.
Restless, 2012 15. Restless, 2012
A woman’s world is turned upside down after learning her (michellle dockery) mother was a spy during World War II.
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