This is the list of Best Sports Movies Ever Made. Sports movies are made to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and inspire people to do their best. They are not only about the game but also about the grit, determination, and competitiveness that it takes to succeed.

Best Sports Movies Ever Made

  1. Rocky, 1976
    In a bid to get recognition, Rocky Balboa decides to go fight Apollo Creed for the heavyweight championship. Little does he know that the challenge is going to be a lot more difficult than he thought.
Rocky, 1976
  1. The Sandlot, 1993
    Scotty moved into a new neighbourhood where he joined the local baseball team, but quickly found himself going on various adventures with new friends.
The Sandlot, 1993
  1. Remember the Titans, 2000
    Herman Boone, a black man, is finally appointed as the new coach of a high school team. Different from earlier seasons, he has an integrated team for the first time.
Remember the Titans, 2000
  1. A League of Their Own, 1992
    Dottie & Kit join a professional baseball team, along with other women. Jimmy, alcoholic and former star player is forced to manage them all.
 A League of Their Own, 1992
  1. Major League, 1989
    T hat new owner of a sports team deliberately made them lose. It might seem bad at first, but now they’re taking it one game at a time. As long as the cause was never fully known, these players were going to do everything in their power not to succeed.
Major League, 1989
  1. Field of Dreams, 1989
    Iowa farmer Ray hears a mysterious voice at night saying “If you build it, he will come.” Rather than dismiss it as just his imagination, he builds a baseball field to please the voice. His wife Ann is sceptical but still supports him.
Field of Dreams, 1989
  1. Hoosiers, 1986
    With alcohol-addicted assistant coach, Norman Dale runs a basketball team of high schoolers in Indiana. Tired of his past, he wants to create a good team and become the coach he always wanted to be.
Hoosiers, 1986
  1. Rudy, 1993
    “Rudy” has always been told he was too small to play college football, but he knew he had the drive to succeed. He beat every odd, went on to play for Notre Dame and is now making an impact in his game across the board.
Rudy, 1993
  1. Caddyshack, 1980
    This young caddie wants to get a scholarship from an elite club, but he has to get in Judge Smails’ good books and win a tournament first.
Caddyshack, 1980
  1. Miracle, 2004
    Herb Brooks, an American player who became a coach, led the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team to victory against the assumedly unbeatable Russian squad.
Miracle, 2004
  1. High Flying Bird, 2019
    When the NBA lockout senches his rookie client, a sports agent comes up with a plan to save their careers.
Best Sports Movies Ever Made
  1. Moneyball, 2011
    Billy Beane, a GM of a baseball team, and a graduate from a business school, Peter Brand challenge the conventions of the sport by trying to form a competitive team using computer-based methods.
Best Sports Movies Ever Made
  1. The Natural, 1984
    After Roy Hobbs becomes a member of the struggling baseball team in the 1930s, they rise to be one of the top playing teams in their league. Furthermore, Roy’s bat is made from a tree hit by lightning and has an increased chance of his hits going straight for home runs.
Best Sports Movies Ever Made
  1. The Blind Side, 2009
    Michael is a homeless black teenager, adopted by a white family who help him overcome his learning difficulties and excel in American football.
Best Sports Movies Ever Made
  1. Happy Gilmore, 1996
    When Happy learns that his grandmother is going to lose her house, he decided to enter a golf tournament for the prize money in order to save her home
Best Sports Movies Ever Made
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