Here is the list of Best Thriller Movies with Twist Endings, A movie’s climax is probably the most important part and we know if that expression comes into play, the movie has surely shocked you with its plot twist. these are the top 10 movies with a twist ending plot twists you should definitely watch.

Best Thriller Movies with Twist EndingsWild Things (1998)

The Sixth Sense, 1999
1. The Sixth Sense, 1999
Malcolm Crowe, child psychologist, starts treating a young boy who acts as a medium of communication between Crowe and a slew of unhappy spirits. The Sixth Sense is the top movies with twist endings
The Usual Suspects, 1995 2. The Usual Suspects, 1995
This is one of the movies with twist endings. Five criminals meet during a routine police line-up. Upon their release, they plan to pull off a dangerous heist involving precious emeralds worth three million dollars.
Fight Club, 1999 3. Fight Club, 1999
Discontented with his capitalistic lifestyle, a white-collared insomniac forms an underground fight club with Tyler, a careless soap salesman. The project soon spirals down into something sinister.
Primal Fear, 1996 4. Primal Fear, 1996
Young altar boy Aaron Stampler’s life changes when he is accused of murdering a priest. Things take a turn when renowned lawyer Martin Vail decides to take up his case.
The Village, 2004 5. The Village, 2004
An isolated town lives in fear of an unknown monster from the surrounding woods. But when one from the community is badly injured, a blind girl sets out into the woods to find help from beyond.
No Way Out, 1987 6. No Way Out, 1987
Navy officer Tom Farrell is to report to the secretary of defense, David Brice, at the Pentagon. But, his brief affair with Susan Atwell, Brice’s mistress, lands him in a soup when she is found dead.
High Tension, 2003 7. High Tension, 2003
A beautiful young Frenchwoman, Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco), travels out to the country to visit her family and brings along her friend Marie (Cécile de France). Soon after they get settled in the secluded home, Alex’s parents are brutally attacked by a psychotic truck driver (Philippe Nahon), who proceeds to stalk the two women as well. When the killer kidnaps Alex in his truck, Marie hides in the back to try and rescue her, but the bloodshed is far from over.
Sleepaway Camp, 1983 8. Sleepaway Camp, 1983
Bunks and the showers are a mad stabber’s beat at a summer camp strictly for teens.
April Fool's Day, 1986 9. April Fool’s Day, 1986
Muffy invites her college friends to her remote mansion on an island for a weekend party. Trouble escalates when a network of lies is unveiled and the party turns into the most sinister one.
Best Thriller Movies with Twist Endings 10. Wild Things, 1998
Sam Lombardo is living a comfortable life in Blue Bay, South Florida. His comfort soon turns into discomfort when Kelly, the beautiful daughter of billionaire Sandra, accuses him of raping her. These are the top movies with twist
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