Solo: A Star Wars Story is the type of movie that no one really wanted at first. In fact, while the character of Solo is an interesting one, a lot of people didn’t really ask for a Solo movie in particular, but the anthology movie idea does seem like a very interesting one at least on paper.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie ReviewSolo A Star Wars Story

What you get in this movie is a lot of details regarding the smuggler’s past, not to mention you get to better see how he acquires and becomes the captain of the Millennium Falcon, how he meets Lando Calrissian, and how he meets Chewbacca.

This means there are lots of unique and fun moments to explore in the movie, and you really get to see and enjoy all of that in meaningful and fun ways. They did a very good job at offering you plenty of fun moments, and the best part is that you can easily adapt everything to create a really interesting and exciting moment.

The best part in Solo: A Star Wars Story is that you will have no problem having fun and experiencing the movie the way you want to. They did a very good job with the action, as there are lots of chases, action, and perils, but the reality is that you know these characters will survive. That means some of the tension does feel superficial, and in the end, it’s just not as comprehensive and as good as you would imagine. Which is a shame, because the movie is indeed a fun and unique one, so you might as well adapt it to your own, unique approach.

Solo A Star Wars Story

There’s not too much violence or blood, but some characters do die, and that’s the type of thing that really matters in that perspective. The story on its own is very nice, you can see some characters that Han grew up with, and how things change in many ways for him. It’s always interesting to see a character like this being built in a nice way.

You will also notice there are some problematic additions here, to the point where you will be bored with some of them. But in the end what matters here is that you will enjoy your time as you explore the story of Han Solo in ways you would not imagine. There’s plenty of fun and adventure for everyone, and that’s the thing you will really enjoy quite a bit in that regard.Solo A Star Wars Story


This is not the ultimate Star Wars film, and you should not expect that. But then again, it’s a very good movie that helps you learn more about one of your favorite heroes. And some of the additional cast such as Donald Glover do shine in their roles. There’s definitely a whole lot of fun and excitement to be had regarding the content in this movie, and overall it’s a solid experience for any Star Wars fan, just check it out and you will love it quite a bit!

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