Padmaavat Review, Padmaavat is one of the latest movies designed to offer you a good perspective when it comes to the medieval Rajasthan. Queen Padmavati is marrying a noble king, they live pretty much a great life and they do end up dealing with a sultan that wants to have the queen for himself. Basically, this is the type of story that you can encounter rather often in movies like this. But here it actually makes a lot of sense, and it does bring in front some nifty, unique moments for the audience to appreciate and enjoy.

Padmaavat reviewPadmaavat review

The cool thing about the movie is that it was created all around emotions and how everything can lead to a war in the long run. The historical facts in this movie are true, so they did quite a lot of research to assure that the movie does stay true to the story while also adding some of its own stuff. And for the most part, it does work more than ok.

But this is an exciting take on an old story because they did add in quite a lot of elements which really pay off immensely if you stay until the end. The story has been expanded a little bit, but there are also some things you will not like. At least, not everyone will appreciate them. We are talking mostly about the huge display of Hindu nationalism, which combined with the male bravado and the lack of female power does seem a bit problematic.

Padmaavat review

Yet this type of thing doesn’t matter that much. The entire experience is epic here, and the battles, as well as the sets and the story as a whole, tend to reach perfection in a movie like this. They do have quite a lot of things that could pan out a bit more, but as whole things are pretty good and the experience will be quite impressive because of that.

Padukone’s Padmavati is more than just a pretty face in the second part of the movie, but in the beginning, you don’t really get a good feel for her. Yet in the end you will be impressed with the sets, the elegance offered here and the sheer value that all of this brings to the table.Padmaavat review

This is the rare type of movie that does make controversial changes to original stories but in the end, it does pay off a lot. The 3D in here is pretty good, but to be honest you don’t really need 3D in such a movie. Yet as a whole, it does make sense and it offers you a good time, which is always a good thing.Padmaavat review

Is Padmaavat a recommended movie? That all comes down to the attraction you have to the subject matter. If you do, then you are bound to love the experience delivered here. It’s just amazing and one of the best things you can enjoy right now when it comes to movies designed and created in India!

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