A list of Best Ryan Newman Movies and TV Shows. Ryan Whitney Newman is an American actress, singer, and model. She is known for her roles as Allison in The Thundermans, Ginger Falcone in Zeke and Luther, Cindy Collins in Zoom, and Emily Hobbs in See Dad Run.

Ryan Newman Movies and TV Shows

Ryan Newman

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Monster House, 2006
1. Monster House, 2006
Three teenagers discover that their neighbor’s house is actually a monster that targets children. They then set out to tackle this menace.
Zoom, 2006 2. Zoom, 2006
A former superhero, Jack Shepard, is called back to work to train a group of ragtag kids with useless powers and help them to become superheroes and save the world from destruction.
Lower Learning, 2008 3. Lower Learning, 2008
All is not well at Geraldine Ferraro Elementary, home of the Fighting Seals. When accreditation official Rebecca Seabrook (Eva Longoria Parker) arrives for a routine inspection, she (ryan nean) discovers an ineffective, foul-mouthed faculty headed by the devious, light-fingered principal, Billings (Rob Corddry). When the state threatens to pull the plug on the school in light of her (ryan newmna) report, Seabrook and bumbling vice principal Tom Willoman (Jason Biggs) struggle to save the place from closing.
Zeke and Luther, 2009 4. Zeke and Luther, 2009
Lifelong buddies Zeke and Luther take their play seriously: The 15-year-olds are hellbent on becoming world famous skateboarders, and though that goal is far from being realized, if ever, the boys continue to dream big and their focus is not sidetracked by naysayers and wipeouts.
The Call, 2012 5. The Call, 2012
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, 2015 6. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, 2015
When a ‘sharknado’ strikes Washington, DC, ‘sharknado’ fighter Fin Shepard along with Gil, April and Nova decide to face all the deadly challenges to save the capital from destruction.
See Dad Run, 2012 7. See Dad Run, 2012
David Hobbs has spent the last 10 years being a father — on TV. He is an actor who has been one of America’s favorite TV dads as the star of a sitcom. But when the show ends and his wife, a soap-opera star, returns to her (ryannewman) TV career, David must return to reality as he becomes a stay-at-home dad to his three kids — teenager Emily, wacky middle-kid Joe, and sweet-as-pie youngest daughter Janie — who have grown accustomed to not having him around. With his return to being a real-life dad, David quickly learns that being a TV dad is much easier than having to do it for real.
The Thinning, 2016 8. The Thinning, 2016
In a dying world, population control is dictated by an aptitude test in high school. When two students discover the test is all smoke and mirrors and hiding a larger conspiracy, they go against the system to expose the conspiracy and take it down.
The Thundermans, 2013 9. The Thundermans, 2013
Phoebe and Max Thunderman are twins who, although they have opposite personalities, share a common secret. The teens, along with their parents and younger siblings, are superheroes. But the family must keep the superpowers under wraps and live a normal life. Phoebe and Max have the same powers — freeze breath and the ability to move objects via telekinesis — but use them in opposite ways. Good-natured Phoebe tries to do the right thing, while troublemaker Max wants to become a supervillain. Little brother, Billy, is able to move at superspeed while little sis, Nora, has laser beam eyes. Dad, Hank, can fly and has extraordinary strength, but mom, the Barb, is able to generate lightning from her (ryan newmon) hands. This family wants to lead a normal life? Good luck with that.
Bad Sister, 0000 10. Bad Sister
A student at a Roman Catholic boarding school learns that a new nun is an impostor who’s obsessed with her (ryan newmn) brother.
Alexander IRL, 0000 11. Alexander IRL
Two brothers, a responsible high school student trying to impress a girl and a stunted mid-20s party type who needs an app to win over his boss, must work together to throw a legendary party when their parents leave town for a week.
Ryan Newman Movies and TV Shows 12. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, 2016
Sharknado: The 4th Awakens is a 2016 American disaster comedy sci-fi horror television film and the fourth installment in the Sharknado film series, following Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One, and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!.
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