Best January Jones Movies and TV shows

A list of Best January Jones Movies and TV shows. Who is January jones? January Kristen Jones is an American actress and model, best known for portraying the role of Betty Draper in Mad Men, for which she was nominated for two Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. January Jones net worth is estimated at $10 million. (more…)


Best Female Film Directors

A list of Best Female Film Directors. the best female directors include an Academy Award winner, members of Hollywood's royal families, and a whole bunch of ladies who make beautiful things happen when they're behind the camera. But for every Oscar-nominated female director, there are dozens right behind also creating great movies. (more…)


Beautiful Celebrities with Blue Eyes

A list of Beautiful Celebrities with Blue Eyes. Who is the hottest female star with alluring blue eyes? There are so many gorgeous celebrities to choose from that picking the one celebrity with the best blue eyes could be exceedingly difficult, but this blue-eyed babes list is here to help you decide. (more…)

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